We’re back UP!

Hello world It’s been a rough couple of days but www.randomaxisband.com is BACK UP! And yes, I should have backed up… Big thanks to my man, Jason at www.ecarbonated.com, for getting us up and running again! Check him out if you need web or graphic design. Happy to say I learned from this one and now, back to business! We have a few open dates this month if you’re looking for a band for your event or club, otherwise we are private and will see you next month starting at Red Rock on April 1st. Keep checking our calendar for new events! #seeyousoon

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Super Bowl Weekend

Hey Random fans!!

Before all the football, commercials, chicken wings and beer, go out tonight and support your favorite live music! We will see you for our public show at the end of the month at the Maverick. In the meantime, some of our favorites are at some of our favorite spots and would love to see you on the dance floor!

Enjoy your Super Bowl Weekend and be safe!